When hurricanes approach south Texas, extensive damage can result.

Do not delay in preparing your family and buildings for hurricanes.

As part of your plan, call Brad Pelletier 847-207-3153 or Bob Qualey at 813.495.2162 to schedule our professional emergency dry-in services for your commercial, industrial, or high-rise roof.

Storm Protection and Dry-In Services – 844.231.5537 or 713.495.2162

CES Commercial Roofing provides emergency dry-in service for commercial, industrial and condominium/residential high-rise roofing systems. Do not delay! Call us to waterproof your roof system. It is YOUR responsibility to prevent additional water intrusion through your roof after the storm passes. Keep in mind:

  • Have your insurance information on hand ahead of the storm and know who to contact immediately after the storm passes, as safety allows.
  • Insurance companies cover 100% of the cost for emergency dry-in so. As soon as the storm passes, call for an immediate dry-in through CES Commercial Roofing.
  • CES Commercial Roofing handles all the necessary insurance paperwork for emergency dry-in services with your insurance company so you can focus on more important matters at hand.

CCC1329933OHSA Certification: 36-601284227

Brad Pelletier847.207.3153

Bob Qualey813.495.2162

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